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How long does the process take?

Tubs of different sizes and styles have different needs, so the length of the project will depend on the specifics of your bathtub. In most cases, our team can:

  • Finish a standard tub in a few hours
  • Finish a tub with tile in a single day
  • Finish a full bath or custom tile design in less than a week

How much does it cost?

A Fantastic Finish is recognized for top-notch service and competitive prices. In fact, our prices are typically 1/3 of the cost of the competition. As an added bonus, our service is often covered by an extensive warranty.

Do you use environmentally safe materials?

When you decide to refinish your bathtub, you are doing your part to protect the environment. Our services are designed to extend the life of your plumbing fixtures so that they don't take up space in our local landfills.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We currently accept cash, credit and checks, as well as payment via apps like Zelle and PayPal.

What are the benefits of resurfacing vs. countertop replacement?

At A Fantastic Finish, we recommend homeowners refinish instead of replacing to save time, money and stress. We can finish most projects in a matter of days, which means you won't be stuck without a kitchen for an extended period.

What types of colors and styles are available?

Your options are limitless with A Fantastic Finish. We offer everything from solid colors to speckled finishes. If you can dream it, we can do it.

How durable are refinished countertops?

Did you know refinished countertops are just as durable as a Formica countertop? If you choose to refinish your countertops, we'll tell you all the do's and don'ts to make sure your features look great for years to come.

Can refinishing fix chips, knife marks, burns and scratches?

Yes! When you refinish your countertops and other features, it creates a brand-new surface that's free of all the dents, scratches and marks of the past.

Is there a warranty?

A Fantastic Finish offers a five-year guaranteed warranty of workmanship and materials.

Does a refinished surface take special care for cleaning?

We recommend cleaning your refinished surfaces the same way that you would a traditional countertop or tub. Regular store-bought cleaners, bristled brushes and other supplies can be very effective. We would advise that you stay away from using bleach and other hard cleaners, though.

If you still have more questions about our services, get in touch with us by calling 727-522-5507. You can speak with a professional from our crew at your convenience.